How to gain access to our APIs and Digital Services

To gain access to our APIs and digital services, we require you to provide information about your identity, purpose for accessing the data and how you intend to utilise it.  This helps us comply with legal obligations, meet health consumer expectations and maintain the security and integrity of the information ultimately leading to improved outcomes for New Zealand Health consumers.  

Outlined below are the steps you must take in order to gain Production access to our APIs or digital services.

  1. Step 1: Register your organisation

    The designated business representative from your organisation must register the organisation on the developer portal and manage additional user accounts.  They will have the 'Delegate Authority' profile for the Organisation.  This representative serves as the primary point of contact for any developers wanting to gain access to our Developer Portal and associate with their Organisation and for us to establish and maintain a lasting relationship. 

    During this registration process, they can nominate other Delegated Authorities and/or developers to be associated with their Organisation.  Once the information provided has been validated and approved by Health New Zealand, invites to our Developer Portal will be sent to all people nominated in the form.

    Register now

  2. Step 2: Login to Dev Portal

    Once you receive the invitation to register as a user to our Developer Portal, you will need to create a My Health Account Workforce that you will use to log into the Portal.  When creating the account, you will need to provide information from an official document (such as a driver's licence or passport) to help confirm your identity.  More information about My Health Account Workforce can be found here.

    Please note – The email address you register to Developer Portal with, must be the same email address you register with My Health Account Workforce.

    To streamline this process, you can register for a My Health Account Workforce account here, prior to receiving an invitation email.

    Log in to Developer Portal with My Health Account Workforce