Air travel poses some unique problems for controlling the international spread of disease. When large numbers of people are able to move quickly around the world, disease can spread easily – beyond the travellers to those they come into contact with after the flight.

Aircraft arriving in New Zealand from overseas are subject to health entry requirements. These relate to potential public health risks, such as ill health among passengers or crew, or the presence of animals or insects that may carry diseases (eg, rodents or mosquitoes).


The primary aim of these requirements is to prevent the international spread of disease or other public health risks.


Travellers arriving into New Zealand by air need to complete a New Zealand Traveller Declaration (NZTD).

The NZTD collects travel, customs, immigration, biosecurity and health information (as required). It aims to improve the safety and security of New Zealand.

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There are also requirements on aircraft departing New Zealand, so that diseases and public health threats are not exported from New Zealand to another country.