The Combined Dental Agreement

Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand contracts with around 900 oral health providers throughout New Zealand to deliver free oral health education, preventive care and treatment to:

  • adolescents from the start of high school until the day they turn 18 years old who receive Oral Health Services to Adolescents (OHSA).
  • children referred by the Community Oral Health service who receive Special Dental Services (SDS).


Contractors agree to provide services under the OHSA, SDS or both. The CDA is fully reviewed every three years, was last reviewed in 2019, and was rolled over for another three years in 2022.


Te Whatu Ora works with the oral health sector to make annual Variations to the CDA on matters such as annual government funding increases.


Combined Dental Agreement 2022 (PDF, 426KB)
Last updated 1 July 2022


Operational Guidelines for Combined Dental Agreement 2022 (PDF, 612KB)
Last updated 5 August 2022


Back to Back Agreement Mobile Dental Providers 2022 (PDF, 185KB)
Last updated 5 August 2022