The purpose of the PHO Enrolment Collection was established in 2005 to provide a national collection that holds Primary Healthcare System (PHCS) patient enrolment data for the following uses:

  • to assist PHOs, the Ministry of Health, Te Whatu Ora and Te Aka Whai Ora in reporting and monitoring patient enrolment under the PHCS
  • to provide PHOs, the Ministry of Health, Te Whatu Ora and Te Aka Whai Ora and health researchers with population data to assist with population health research
  • to assist PHOs in examining and improving the quality of their enrolment information.

Guide for use

The dimensions in the datamart are codes and descriptions, based on reference data. It may be unique to the datamart or it may be common across several systems. Dimension data includes items such as Provider IDs, Healthcare User IDs, and ethnic groups.

The facts in the datamart are ‘events’ and ‘enrolments’, based on the PHO registers and FFSvc data captured by National Collections and Reporting within the General Transaction Processing System (GTPS).

For more information, refer to the Primary Health Organisation Enrolment Collection Data Mart (PHO DM).

Extract files are sent to National Collections and Reporting where they are loaded into the datamart tables to facilitate reports and queries.

Collection methods – guide for providers

The PHO Enrolment Collection holds and provides access to two key elements of PHCS information:

  • copies of all ‘Enriched PHO Enrolment Registers’ as sent from National Collections and Reporting to PHOs; any register adjustments are also applied to the collection
  • copies of all ‘Fee for Service Wash-up’ information as sent from National Collections and Reporting to PHOs; FFS wash-up cost adjustments are also applied to the collection.

Frequency of updates

The PHO datamart receives monthly extracts from National Collections and Reporting.

Security of data

The PHO Enrolment Collection provides access to different health sector organisations as follows:

  • PHOs can access their own enrolled patient information and the FFS wash-up costs for these patients
  • The Ministry of Health, Te Whatu Ora, Te Aka Whai Ora and authorised researchers can access non-identifiable enrolled patient information and non-identifiable FFS wash-up costs
  • National Collections and Reporting and specially authorised Ministry of Health/Te Whatu Ora/Te Aka Whai Ora data analysts can access all information held in the collection.

Privacy issues

The PHO Enrolment Collection has been designed to protect patient information as required by the Health Act 1956, the Privacy Act 2020 and the Health Information Privacy Code 2020. This ensures that access to identifiable patient information is limited to the PHO where the patient is enrolled and selected Ministry of Health, Te Whatu Ora and Te Aka Whai Ora staff specifically authorised by National Collections and Reporting.

Data provision

Customised datasets or summary reports are available on request, either electronically or on paper. Staff from the Analytical Services team can help to define the specifications for a request and are familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the data.

The Analytical Services team also offer a peer review service to ensure that national collections data is reported appropriately when published by other organisations.

There may be charges associated with data extracts.