Telehealth has advice for general practitioners on how to hold remote consultations, and what to expect. This includes advice on security, technology and providers available in New Zealand. It also has consumer information and case studies. It is regularly updated as COVID-19 is better understood.

Rules for electronic prescriptions to support virtual care in the community

The Ministry of Health has new rules so you can easily provide electronic prescriptions for virtual care. These rules enable non-NZePS compliant systems and settings that are working towards NZePS integration time to complete this work.

The temporary authorisation for non-NZePS signature exempt prescriptions is time bound and will expire on 31 October 2024.

Health Navigator

Health Navigator has advice and downloadable guides to know when to use telehealth and how to set it up. It has advice for patients to know what to expect and how to prepare for a telehealth consultation. It also has broader health resources that could be useful to guide patients during self-isolation. There are regular news updates on dealing with COVID-19.