Medical transfers to New Zealand  

Medical transfers are the transfer of a patient to a facility for the more advanced provision of care. Aeromedical transfers are typically carried out for ill or injured individuals using fixed wing or rotary wing transport. Clinical/health staff (called medical attendants) may accompany patients on these flights. Medical attendants may arrive in New Zealand:

  • to assist, as a medical attendant, with a medical transfer to New Zealand
  • to assist, as a medical attendant with a medical transfer from New Zealand
  • after returning from assisting, as a medical attendant, with a medical transfer from New Zealand. 

Any additional persons (eg, a patient support person) accompanying a patient to New Zealand must satisfy all the necessary health and immigration entry requirements.

Medical attendants on international medical transfers

There are requirements medical attendants must meet before arriving in New Zealand, including having made a New Zealand Traveller Declaration. 

International or domestic transfers of patients with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19

Aeromedical transfer of patients

This document is a national guideline for the transport of patients including suspected and confirmed COVID-19 positive patients. It is intended to inform decision-making by health professionals when considering aeromedical transfer.

Transfer of patients by road

This document provides guidance on the transport of patients by road ambulance. It is applicable in the COVID-19 environment.