About the programme

The programme began in 2005 and in 2022, more than 27 million pieces of fruit and vegetables were served to over 120,000 tamariki and staff each school day in 566 Primary schools in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Fruit in Schools (FIS) targets children at the eligible primary schools who each receive a free piece of fresh produce daily.

The key objectives for Fruit in Schools are to see:

  • children in participating school communities eating more fruit and vegetables
  • more school communities promoting health through a whole school approach
  • an increased awareness and implementation of healthy eating and physical activity.

The programme is funded by Health NZ and managed by the produce organisation United Fresh.

Fruit in Schools’ positive impact

The latest independent evaluation of Fruit in Schools shows that it continues to have a positive impact on tamariki and healthy school environments.

An independent evaluation of Fruit in Schools Programme shows that it is highly valued by Principals and is an effective initiative for supporting a healthy kura/school environment.

This evaluation explores the relationship between Fruit in Schools and Ka Ora Ka Ako (Free School Lunches) and Principals say both are vital for schools/kura.

  • 93% of Principals said FIS is a great support for feeding hungry children with healthy food.
  • 92% of Principals said FIS supported their school/kura greatly to promote a healthy food environment
  • 90% of Principals said FIS led to a sense of equality between students

Read the Evaluation of Fruit in Schools Report.