Diabetes is a priority long-term condition. 


It is a serious health challenge for our country and something the health system has been working hard to manage. 


Over recent years the health system has been improving the quality of services for people with diabetes, as well as establishing systems to better identify people with diabetes. 


Support for New Zealanders to live healthy lifestyles has been provided through initiatives such as the successful Green Prescriptions programme.


Living Well with Diabetes is the Ministry's plan for 2015 to 2020. It builds on this work already underway and seeks to improve outcomes for people with diabetes. 


It was developed in conjunction with clinicians, service planners and, most importantly, people with diabetes. 


The plan focuses on six priority areas.


  • Prevent high-risk people from developing type 2 diabetes
  • Enable effective self-management
  • Improve quality of services
  • Detect diabetes early and reduce the risk of complications
  • Provide integrated care
  • Meet the needs of children and adults with type 1 diabetes


The Ministry of Health considers that much of what is contained in the plan is still relevant and expects that the sector will continue to support ongoing implementation. 


We are looking to refresh our future approach to Long Term Conditions, of which diabetes is a priority area of focus. Updates will be provided as appropriate.