The Ministry of Health has drafted a new HIV Action Plan with the support of community organisations representing people living with and affected by HIV and the health sector.

This new HIV Action Plan strives to eliminate local transmission of HIV and ensure people living with HIV have healthy lives free from stigma and discrimination.

The Plan provides a roadmap of how we can achieve these ambitious goals over the next ten years.

To support the Plan $18 million has been allocated from Budget 2022. This funding is additional to existing HIV prevention and support funding.

Consultation on the draft HIV Action Plan

 The Ministry of Health undertook consultation of the draft HIV action plan. The purpose of the consultation was to seek feedback on:

  • The overall draft HIV Action Plan and if there was anything that needed to change
  • Actions from the HIV Action Plan that should be prioritised and funded over the next four years

The consultation period is now closed. Thank you to everyone who took the time to consider the plan and provide feedback.

What happens next?

The Ministry of Health will use the feedback to finalise and publish the HIV Action Plan and inform the actions that will be prioritised for the first phase of the implementation of the HIV Action Plan.