The Cancer Registry Act 1993 states that the purposes of the New Zealand Cancer Registry are:

  1. to provide information on the incidence of, and mortality from, cancer
  2. to provide a basis for cancer survival studies and research programmes.

NZCR was set up in 1948 primarily using information sent by public hospitals.

It is a population-based tumour registry whose primary function is to collect and store cancer incidence data. Cancer incidence is defined as the occurrence of new cancers in a defined population in a specified time period.

NZCR provides data for:

  • cancer incidence and survival studies
  • public health research
  • monitoring screening programmes
  • policy formulation.



Cancer publications and provisional datasets can be found on the Ministry of Health website.

By Request

Customised datasets or summary reports are available on request, either electronically or on paper. Staff from the Data Services team can help to define the specifications for a request and are familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the data. There may be charges associated with data extracts.

The Data Services team also offers a peer review service to ensure that national collections data is reported appropriately when published by other organisations.

For more information about this collection or to get access to specific datasets or reports, email the Data Services team in National Collections and Reporting at data-enquiries@moh.govt.nz.


Further information