Accessing NHI Online and Integrated Identity & Enrolment Services

Accessing NHI Online

Many Patient Management Systems (PMS) have (or soon will have) integrated NHI Access.

The Ministry of Health also offers access through a browser based interface called HealthUI (Health User Interface). HealthUI enables healthcare providers to connect to the National Health Index (NHI) database to search for and view patient identity information as well as other identity related functions (where applicable).

HealthUI requires the user to have a Connected Health connection.

If you would like to access the NHI Online through HealthUI, please complete the following form and return it to

If you do not currently have a Connected Health connection then email the Online Helpdesk and they will send you the necessary forms to complete.

Integrated web services in practice management systems

From early 2016, NHI and PHO enrolment services are integrated into GP practice management systems. Practices can obtain access to these by completing the CHIS Request Form available on the National Health IT Board website: 

Download: Identity-NES On-boarding Processes Organisations/Practices - DOCX, 51 KB

More information about the prerequisites and onboarding processes

Download: Identity-NES On-boarding Processes Organisations/Practices (PDF) - PDF, 239 KB

More information about the prerequisites and onboarding processes

Identity and National Enrolment Services User Support & Issues Management

Support is available between the hours of 8-5pm for users of the identity and enrolment services within GP practice management systems. 

Note – DHB user support arrangements remain 24/7 for significant/outage issues.

Identity-NHI On-line Learning Module

The Ministry of Health is committed to supporting the development of health providers using the NHI. An on-line learning module focusing on desired behaviours is available for anyone involved in health provision to work through. It will be required for all those who have the ability through their local systems to update or add information to the NHI. On successful completion, a certificate is available for download. 

The module can be accessed on the LearnOnline website.

Statement of Use of NHI and NMWS

All health providers need to be aware of the purpose of the NHI and its scope of use. Historically, the National Medical Warning System (NMWS) has been part of the NHI, and therefore also has a defined statement of use:

Identity-NHI User Reference Information & Best Practice Advice

Accurate identity management and high quality data is dependent on well-understood and applied best practice. The User Reference download provides contextual information and best practice advice to support users in achieving these outcomes. 

Refer also to vendor release notes for specific advice on using application functionality to achieve these best practice outcomes.

Identity & PHO Enrolment Services FAQs

As new systems and services become available to users, a number of questions arise.

You can download the Frequently asked questions about the National Enrolement Service.


Adding and updating information in the NHI requires knowledge about address validation. This link contains information about the Address validation services (eSAM) and best practice.


Adding and updating information in the NHI requires knowledge about ethnicity collection and recording. The following link contains information about the Statistical Standard for Ethnicity, Ethnicity Data Protocols, and best practice:

Production testing – use of specially set-up TEST records and identifiers

Sometimes providers have a need to test functionality or behaviours using the real ‘live’ environment. A group of TEST records and TEST identifiers have been set up in the Production environment for this purpose. The download has information about these records and when to use them: