Our mission

Safe, fit for purpose health facilities, sites and equipment are essential for a well-functioning health system.

We have brought our public hospital buildings together into one portfolio, so we can ensure that the health estate supports the delivery of services and we invest to improve the health of all New Zealanders.

We will lead investment by understanding and managing these well, ensuring health facilities, sites and equipment with the highest need of investment are prioritised and standardising the way these are maintained, refurbished or redeveloped.

What we do

We are currently planning, monitoring or delivering more than 73 projects,  around the country, including:

  • essential refurbishments and reconfigurations
  • essential infrastructure improvements (like electricity and water); and
  • brand new hospitals, such as the $1.59 billion hospital currently under construction in Dunedin.

Infrastructure and Investment Group

Programme and project delivery

Supporting, oversight and assurance across projects and programmes such as the Mental Health Infrastructure Programme and the Regional Hospital Redevelopment Programme.

Service planning

Identifying opportunities to improve service provision and inform and shape infrastructure investment needs.

Investment planning

Supporting the development of robust and evidence based cases for infrastructure investment.

Asset management and analysis

Asset management expertise, ensuring the state of assets is understood to drive asset investment decisions where they are needed most and improve asset management practices.

Facility design and advisory

Direction, guidance and design assurance, including the adoption of standardised approaches to health facility briefing, design and delivery.

Investment monitoring

Centralised monitoring and reporting on significant health infrastructure investments from inception through to completion, including evaluation of projects.

We will develop a National Asset Management Strategy and Health Infrastructure Investment Plan and work with our regions and districts to complete asset management plans, conduct service planning and support efficient delivery of projects.

What you can expect to see over time

New Zealanders can expect better, more modern, fit-for-purpose health facilities that improve health through:

  • improved asset management of health facilities, sites and equipment, including greater understanding of critical infrastructure and performance and better monitoring and assurance
  • infrastructure that will help improve the health of all New Zealanders
  • improved response to climate change including the use of clean energy, lower carbon materials and support for climate friendly construction practices
  • better management of the risks and costs over the lifecycle of our building assets.

Key publications