How it works

SNOMED CT is a continuously growing and evolving product. Requests to create a new SNOMED CT concept, term or relationship or inactivate a term can be made through the New Zealand SNOMED CT National Release Centre.


Where the content request is applicable to other SNOMED International member countries, we will recommend and submit a request to have the new content added to the SNOMED CT International Edition. Content requests that are New Zealand specific will be added to the New Zealand Edition.

How to submit a request

To submit an individual content request, please submit the request via SNOMED CT Request Management Portal.


For multiple content requests download the SNOMED CT Content Batch Request Submission Form and complete all required fields as indicated. Once completed, please email the batch request form to

Content request submission timeframes

The New Zealand SNOMED CT National Release Centre releases the SNOMED CT New Zealand Edition on 1 April and 1 October each year.


Content requests submitted between:

  • 1 August and 31 January will be considered for the April New Zealand Edition release.
  • 1 February and 31 July will be considered for the October New Zealand Edition release.