HISO is supporting Health NZ in developing a standardised core set of data concepts, elements and value sets for nationwide, interoperable health information exchange.

The new standard called NZ Core Data for Interoperability (NZCDI) will follow the example of USCDI and AUCDI overseas to define a standard set of the most commonly exchanged data elements for Aotearoa.

Having different terminology and business definitions is causing confusion and limitations in integration between clinical applications across the motu. NZCDI will establish a consistent set of data definitions for exchanging health data. It will provide the health sector with a single, public list of standards and implementation specifications that can be used to address health information interoperability.

Many of the most common data definitions that will make up NZCDI already exist in  standards such as HISO 10046 Consumer Health Identity Standard. Over time NZCDI will bring all of these data definitions together in a consistent manner.

NZCDI will align with the NZ Patient Summary (NZPS), our adaptation of the International Patient Summary (IPS) standard.

NZCDI will be published on our website with supporting tools and materials.

NZCDI will be regularly maintained via an open process overseen by HISO to ensure it is not just a static list of data elements, but rather a dynamic framework that reflects our changing interoperability needs.

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