The New Zealand Cancer Registry

The NZ Cancer Registry has operated since 1948 and is a population-based tumour register of all primary malignant disease. (Basal and squamous cancers arising in the skin are not required to be reported, except for those of the genitalia.)

The major sources of new registrations are copies of laboratory reports, post-discharge reports from publicly funded hospitals, death certificates and autopsy reports, and discharge reports from private hospitals.

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Cancer web tool

This web tool provides data on cancer registrations, diagnoses and deaths from 2011 to 2020 in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Access the cancer web tool.


The data collected includes information on the site, stage and pathology of the cancer, as well as demographic information (eg, ethnicity, age, sex, and domicile). The data is collected under the Cancer Registry Act 1993 and the Cancer Registry Regulations 1994.

New cancer registrations 2015-2019

New cancer registrations 2010-2014

New cancer registrations 2005-2009