About Health Workforce


The Health Workforce Advisory Board works in partnership with the Ministry of Health to provide strategic oversight and sector leadership for New Zealand’s health workforce.


More information on members, purpose and function is available on the Health Workforce Advisory Board webpage.


The Health Workforce Directorate is the team within the Ministry of Health responsible for national coordination and leadership on workforce issues. 


They provide advice on workforce development and regulation; gather workforce data and intelligence; and invest in health workforce training.


Their support is designed to ensure the health system has the right people, in the right place with the right skills to provide the safest care and best outcomes for our population.


The Health Workforce Directorate invests in training and development of the health and disability workforce. This funding: 


  • supports new graduate nurses, midwives, pharmacists and doctors to transition into the workforce in their first year of practice 
  • subsidises the costs of vocational (specialist) training for doctors including general practice trainees 
  • supports the postgraduate training of nurses, midwives and a range of allied health and scientific workers such as anaesthetic technicians, sonographers and medical physicists.