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Issue date:
28 March 2023
Corporate Author:
Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora
Document date:
28 March 2023

These guidelines provide health practitioners with a list of conditions and criteria about referring pregnant, birthing and postnatal women/people and babies for consultations with other clinicians, transferring clinical responsibility for care to specialists as well as transferring care in emergencies.

This document also outlines the process for referral to a primary health care provider, guidelines for emergency transport and what to do when a woman/person or parents decline referral, consultation or transfer of clinical responsibility. The document outlines the categories of referral and provides process maps detailing referral pathways.

The Referral Guidelines are based on best practice and were updated by Te Whatu Ora – Health New Zealand (formerly The Ministry of Health) and a technical advisory group with input from an expert steering group including midwifery, obstetrics, paediatrics, general practitioners and anaesthetics.


This webinar is useful to support practitioners with understanding the clinical practice guideline, its development and implementation.


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