The Nationwide Service Framework (NSF) is a knowledge base of standard documentation, business rules and guidelines used to enable planning, commissioning, delivery and analysis of publicly funded health services.

The NSF content will develop to meet the needs of the reformed system.  It currently includes common documentation to enable effective planning, commissioning,  service delivery and performance analysis.

  • nationwide service specifications
  • the Purchase Unit Data Dictionary with its related financial information
  • the Common Counting Standards and the Common Costing Standards and Common Costing Guidelines, that rely on alignment with the consistent use of clinical coding, Diagnostic Related Groups and cost weights.

Archived content

Manatū Hauora Nationwide Service Framework Library website will be decommissioned from 1 July 2023. That archived content will be available from the National Library online service.


Contracting support documents

The purpose of this guide is to help contract managers and administrators when they work
with the Contracts Support Team in planning, setting up and managing their agreements.

The guide explains the main functions of the Contracts Support Team in creating and maintaining agreements and the required procedures and documentation.

Working with Agreements (PDF, 1968 KB)