The Regional Hospital Redevelopment Programme (RHRP) brought together several regional hospitals experiencing similar infrastructure issues such as poor building conditions, emerging seismic resilience issues, and a rapidly developing gap between demand and capacity to help progress work to explore options and find solutions via enhanced planning management to support the robustness of future investment proposals.

Projects under the programme umbrella are funded to undertake essential planning work as part of the Investment Delivery Framework identify and define phases, including business case development. Other funded deliverables include but are not limited to asset management planning, geotechnical investigations, development of site master planning options, design development and quantity surveyor reports. 

Hospitals in the programme are in two tranches;


Tranche 1

The RHRP was established in June 2021 under the Health Infrastructure Unit (HIU), Ministry of Health, to accelerate planning for pre-business case design and development of the Whangārei Hospital’s Pihi Kaha Project, and Nelson Hospital’s Whakatupuranga Project


Project Pihi Kaha - Whangārei Hospital Redevelopment

Stage 1 of Project Pihi Kaha rebuild was announced in May 2022.

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Project Whakatupuranga Project - Nelson Hospital Redevelopment

The Nelson Hospital Project Whakatupuranga team are currently finalising the Programme Business Case for the redevelopment, before the project moves into the ‘Design’ phase.

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Tranche 2

Tranche 2 was approved by the Minister of Health and Minister of Finance (Joint Ministers) in November 2021 to coordinate the preparation of investment cases and relevant artefacts for the redevelopment of the Tauranga, Palmerston North, and Hawke’s Bay Hospitals.


Palmerston North

A local governance structure Project Steering Group has been established and the team has been focusing on the development of a Clinical Services Plan and Asset Management planning. Site masterplanning is scheduled to commence in July 2023. The project is looking to move into the ‘Define’ stage of the process in 2024.


Hawke’s Bay

Hawke’s Bay Fallen Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital campus redevelopment project is driven by the identification of seismic issues and capacity constraints. Development of the regional and locality Clinical Services Plan, including demand and capacity modelling, future model of care development, asset management planning and the development of a Māori Health Equity Plan is currently underway. This work will culminate in the development of an updated Site Master Plan in 2023 and subsequently progression into the ‘Define’ stage.



This programme is of significant priority for Tauranga with their Earthquake Prone Building (EPB) Notices expiring in 2034 and capacity constraints.

Recent activities include the development of a locality Clinical Services Plan, detailed seismic assessments of key buildings, existing site feasibility study, and early site master plan options analysis.  Work is now progressing to seek approval to proceed to a Programme Business Case.