For information on ionising radiation, visit the Ministry of Health’s  Radiation safety page.

  • Cellsites and 5G

    When you use your cellphone, it connects to the network through a cellsite. Cellsites are also known as cellphone towers or base stations.
  • Radiofrequency field exposure standard

    Standards are based on a careful review of the research into the health effects of exposure to radiofrequency radiation, including margins for safety.
  • Research into non-ionising fields

    The Interagency Committee on the Health Effects of Non-Ionising Fields monitors research into extremely low frequency electric and magnetic fields.
  • Independent cellsite monitoring

    Spark and One NZ (formerly Vodafone) have commissioned independent monitoring of exposures to radiofrequency fields around their cellsites.
  • Household items and electronics

    Technology is a part of our everyday lives – it’s important to know that our household items and electronics are safe.
  • Power lines

    Power lines produce electric and magnetic fields like any other wiring or electrical equipment. These are known as extremely low frequency fields.
  • High-power laser pointers (goes to another website)

    In December 2013, the Government introduced new controls to manage the health and safety risks from high-power laser pointers.