About the programme

Medicines are the most common treatment used in health care and contribute to significant improvements in health when used appropriately. However, the high use of medicines means they are associated with more errors and adverse events than any other aspect of health care.

While rates of serious harm are low, medication errors can be harmful and increase health care costs. Most of these errors are preventable.

The eMedicines Programme is introducing electronic systems into hospitals and the community to support the safe use of medicines and to provide health professionals with accurate, up-to-date information about people's medications.


  • Having digital systems to support the use of medication can reduce errors.
  • There are fewer admissions to hospital related to medication errors.
  • There is a reduction in medication errors and therefore in patient harm.
  • Consumers and their whānau have better information about their medications.
  • A sustainable health system is supported through improved medication use and a reduction in adverse medication events.
  • Clinical staff spend less time chasing up medication information and more time with consumers.


The eMedicines Programme has delivered two key foundational systems:

Other systems are being rolled out: