If all items on the ePrescription have been dispensed, the pharmacist will receive a message advising the ePrescription is no longer available and has been fully dispensed.

If the ePrescription contains multiple items and some of those items have been dispensed, the ePrescription items that have not previously been dispensed can be downloaded for dispensing by the same pharmacy or another pharmacy.  However the patient will need a certified copy of the prescription with the previous pharmacy dispensings shown to present at the other pharmacy.

Always use the barcode at the point of dispensing

The barcode identifier (SCID) should be used at the point of dispensing for all ePrescriptions ie, scanning the barcode, selecting the SCID from the pharmacy PMS Inbox, manually entering the barcode SCID etc.

The ePrescription SCID has two security features.  The first is an algorithm which uses the first 17 characters of the SCID and compares the result to the 18th character.  The algorithm is not publicly available.  The second is the identifier that contains the unique part of the sending facility’s HPI facility code which can be used to check the validity of the sender.
If the ePrescription is delayed getting to the NZePS broker then the pharmacy creates an electronic copy of the prescription which is immediately linked to the original ePrescription SCID.  This means the original ePrescription will never be available to download again and if a pharmacy searches the original ePrescription SCID they will be able to view the replacement ePrescription SCID details.
Any ePrescription that has been dispensed cannot be dispensed again making this a much more secure option and helps prevent fraudulent activity.

If the pharmacy receives a message saying the pharmacy system cannot ‘fetch’ the ePrescription, and/or quoting the code ‘BUS002’, it means the system has successfully connected to NZePS but cannot find the electronic ePrescription SCID in the NZePS broker. The pharmacist will need to continue to dispense manually.

For RxOne pharmacies

Once the manual dispensing process is completed the pharmacy generated ePrescription will automatically match up with the prescriber ePrescription when it arrives at the NZePS broker.

Prescriber offline RxOne Pharmacy scans script


Receive message:
The electronic version of this eprescription has not been uploaded from the prescribing system to the ePrescription Service at this time.

Continues to process script manually – Finish

For Toniq pharmacies

Once the manual dispensing process is completed the dispenser selects YES when the message in the below table appears – this results in the pharmacy generated ePrescription automatically matching up with the prescriber ePrescription when it arrives at the NZePS broker.

Prescriber offline

Toniq Pharmacy scans script


Receive message: 
ePrescription could not be fetched.  Contact Toniq Error bus002|a prescription matching the requested SCID could not be found.

Continues to process script manually


Receive message: 
Is this manually entered visit corresponding to the ePrescription with barcode xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
select Yes