An application programming interface (API) allows a software application to communicate with other software applications via a standard interface. A key enabler of the digital health ecosystem is interoperability supported by efficient, secure and well documented APIs. 


HISO 10083:2020 Interoperability Roadmap envisions a future where the New Zealand health sector prioritises the creation of open APIs to enable the reuse of data, transactions and rules, which creates an opportunity for greater cooperation and interoperability between health sector participants to dramatically improve service design and delivery.

Technical standards have been developed for the APIs we are developing.

The following standards are now available:

  • HISO 10107 API Security Standard
  • HISO 10109 API Design and Development Standards
  • HISO 10110 HL7 FHIR API Design and Development Standards


The standards are available at the following link

Pātiki and Waharua Kōpito patterns

Ongoing standards development

Ongoing input from the sector will ensure these standards remain fit for purpose. To be part of the ongoing development of these API standards