Connected Health is a standards-based, commercial model for the delivery of universal connectivity across the New Zealand health sector.

The Connected Health Network is a ‘network of networks’ delivered by multiple telecommunication service providers on a competitive basis, using industry standard, commodity capability.


What is the programme delivering?

The foundation components of an interconnected health network, including:


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Benefits of Connected Health

Connected Health improves reliability, safety, and security of transferring health information.

Only products or services certified against approved network connectivity standards will be allowed to connect to the network.

Connected Health:

  • requires health IT suppliers to disaggregate services and products and certify them against common (HISO-approved) network connectivity standards, thereby levelling the competitive field and allowing new vendors to enter the market
  • increases competition between health IT suppliers, increasing innovation and encouraging value for money
  • gives health organisations across the sector, whether public or private, a greater choice of standardised offerings, from multiple IT suppliers
  • provides a foundation for the safe sharing of electronic health information throughout the sector and with the public at large
  • provides a consistent approach for connecting up and addressing entities across the entire health sector
  • enables the implementation of the initiatives in the National Health IT Plan that transfer information
  • builds foundation components.


For further information, please contact:

Health Network Administration Team
Phone: 0800 505 125
Fax: 0800 100 131