• Health Sector Guidance

    Information to help you support your patients to get healthy and stay healthy.
  • COVID-19 information for health professionals

    Information about COVID-19 and how to stay safe for health professionals.
  • Nursing

    Our Nurses are vital to an effective health system. Find out how to return to the workforce and what qualifications you need to get a nursing job.
  • Pacific Health Providers

    Information for Pacific Health Providers, including funds and scholarships you can apply for.
  • Overseas doctors

    Two new initiatives are targeted at qualified overseas doctors allowing them to apply for roles in NZ that will lead to full registration as a doctor.
  • Service providers

    Information for commercial and professional service providers, including facilities, IT, etc.
  • Specific life stage health information

  • Aged residential care

    Te Whatu Ora contracts with aged residential care providers across the motu for delivery of services to older people.
  • Oral health

    Te Whatu Ora contracts with oral health providers across the motu to deliver oral health services to young people.
  • Community Pharmacy

    Te Whatu Ora contracts with community pharmacies to deliver pharmacy services to all New Zealanders.