• Abortion services

    Information about the abortion legislation in New Zealand
  • Aged residential care

    Te Whatu Ora contracts with aged residential care providers across the motu for delivery of services to older people.
  • Assisted Dying Service

    Find out about the Assisted dying service in New Zealand Aotearoa
  • Community Pharmacy

    Te Whatu Ora contracts with community pharmacies to deliver pharmacy services to all New Zealanders.
  • COVID-19 information for health professionals

    Information about COVID-19 and how to stay safe for health professionals.
  • Health Sector Guidance

    Information to help you support your patients to get healthy and stay healthy.
  • Immunisation

    Find out about immunisation programmes and registers in New Zealand, refer to the Immunisation Handbook and the Immunisation Taskforce Reports.
  • Informed consent

    New Zealand healthcare consumers have a legal right to appropriate information to enable them to give informed consent.
  • Māori health

    Information for Māori Health Providers
  • Maternity

    Information on the Maternity Clinical Guidelines, the Primary Maternity Services Notice and other maternity-related publications.

  • Mental Health and Addiction

    We’re working to transform New Zealand’s mental health and addiction system.
  • Midwifery

    Midwifery in New Zealand works in partnership with the woman and her whānau throughout pregnancy, childbirth and the first six weeks post-birth.
  • My Health Account Workforce

    All you need to know about Aotearoa New Zealand’s health workforce digital identity service.
  • National Cervical Screening Programme and HPV Primary Screening

    HPV testing replaced cytology as the primary method of cervical screening on 12 September 2023.
  • Nursing

    Nurses are vital to our health system. Find out how to become a nurse, and what we’re doing to strengthen and support the nurse workforce.
  • Oral health

    Te Whatu Ora contracts with oral health providers across the motu to deliver oral health services to young people.
  • Overseas doctors

    Three new initiatives are targeted at qualified overseas doctors, making it easy for them to apply for roles, get registered and relocate to NZ.
  • Pacific Health

    Information for Pacific Health Providers, including funds and scholarships you can apply for.
  • Pānui for the health sector

    We want to make sure that the whole health sector is continually informed and updated as the transformation of our health system progresses.
  • Primary, Community, and Rural Early Actions Programme

    The Early Actions Programme has been a partnership between Te Aka Whai Ora and Te Whatu Ora to strengthen primary, community and rural care
  • Service providers

    Information for commercial and professional service providers, including facilities, IT, etc.
  • Specific life stage health information

    Health information about a number of different life stages and life events, such as babies and toddlers, children, teenagers and older people.
  • Te Mauri o Rongo - NZ Health Charter

    Te Mauri o Rongo is the foundation for how we will provide healthcare that meets the needs of, and is accessible to, all people in Aotearoa.
  • Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Programme

    This national programme ensures those babies detected with a hearing loss receive support from the newborn period through to school entry.