Pay equity claims have been raised by unions on behalf of Te Whatu Ora employees working in the following areas:

  • Clerical and Administration (PSA)
  • Allied, Scientific and Technical (PSA and APEX)
  • Nursing (NZNO and PSA)
  • Midwifery (MERAS and NZNO)
  • Librarians and Interpreters (PSA)


A pay equity claim covers all employees who are doing the same or similar work, regardless union affiliation or their type of employment agreement.


The union(s) that raised the pay equity claim represent all employees covered by the claim, even if they aren’t union members.


Te Whatu Ora must provide the union(s) with the names and contact details of affected employees, so they can keep people updated on the progress.


Administration and Clerical Pay Equity Settlement

In 2022, the PSA and Te Whatu Ora agreed a pay equity settlement for clerical and administration roles employed within Te Whatu Ora. The details of settlement can be found here:


Administration and Clerical Pay Equity Settlement Agreement (PDF, 3.97MB)
Last updated 7 July 2022


Find more information about Administration and Clerical Pay Equity



Te Whatu Ora, NZNO and PSA worked jointly to complete a pay equity assessment process and in December 2021 an agreement in principle was reached for a pay equity settlement.


Te Whatu Ora has started planning to process pay rises for its nursing workforce after the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) made an interim order.


Find more information about how Te Whatu Ora prepares to implement new pay equity rates



The joint pay equity assessment process has also been completed for the midwifery pay equity claim. Te Whatu Ora, MERAS and NZNO are in negotiations for a midwifery pay equity settlement.


Allied, Scientific, and Technical

Te Whatu Ora is currently working with PSA and APEX to assess the Allied, Scientific, and Technical claim. It is expected the process will be completed in 2023.


Librarians and Interpreters

Te Whatu Ora is currently working with PSA to assess the Librarians and Interpreters claim. It is expected the process will be completed in 2023.


Opting out of a pay equity claim

If a Te Whatu Ora staff member wants to opt-out of a pay equity claim, they should contact their local payroll team for an opt-out form. People can opt-out at any time before the final voting date on the proposed pay equity claim settlement or before a union files in the Employment Relations Authority.


If a person chooses to opt-out of the pay equity process, they will not automatically receive the benefits of the pay equity claim settlement.

More information

For more information about a claim, please contact the relevant union.

Claim Union Contact information Website
Clerical and Administration PSA
Nursing NZNO
Midwives NZNO
Allied, Scientific, and Technical PSA