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Issue date:
6 September 2023
Corporate Authors:
Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO), Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora
Health IT, Oral health
978-1-99-106749-4 (online)


The standard, when first published in March 2021, set the direction towards standardising the capture and coding of core data elements for public oral health services.

This revised version of the standard in 2023 supports the aim of the Electronic Oral Health Record Programme to improve the collection, access and reporting of oral health information to better meet the needs of public oral health service providers and the populations they serve.

The standard defines administrative and clinical data elements and service codes that constitute a minimum dataset for Community Oral Health Services (COHS), Māori Oral Health Services and Hospital Dental Services (HDS).

Updates to the standard address anticipated integration, data quality and implementation requirements for the intended shift towards a single comprehensive national oral health information system.


Adoption roadmap for the standard

Te Whatu Ora will lead the adoption of this standard by ensuring that the requirements are met by all involved in delivering public oral health services in New Zealand.

Download: HISO 10059:2023 Oral Health Data Standard - DOCX, 978 KB

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