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Issue date:
16 April 2021
Corporate Authors:
Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO), Manatū Hauora - Ministry of Health
Document date:
16 April 2021
Health system
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Copyright Held by Non-Crown Party

ISBN 978-1-99-100705-6 (online)

Summary of standard

This standard defines the format and structure for capturing the information used to undertake surveillance of health care-associated infections.

High-quality data will provide the ability to monitor the occurrence of health care-associated infections. Relevant data that is consistently captured electronically will provide the sector with valuable information to support it in identifying, addressing and resourcing instances of infections as well as outbreaks. 

The Ministry of Health sought public comment on the draft HISO 10058.1 Infection Surveillance Data Standard from 2 October 2020 through to 13 November 2020. This document summarises the responses received and provides an overview of the decisions made by the subject matter experts.