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Issue date:
30 September 2022
Corporate Author:
Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora
Health infrastructure

This is a revised version of the current Facility Design Guidance Note (DGN). The new DGN is simpler and is designed to be read as a supplement to the Australasian Health Facility Guidelines (AusHFG). It has fewer duplications from the AusHFG, and greater focus on NZ specific design guidance.

The DGN provides design principles specific to Aotearoa New Zealand that are not included in the AusHFG. It will support project design teams to implement the AusHFG by ensuring Aotearoa specific requirements are articulated and can be addressed in the design process.

This version of the DGN is the result of revisions based on feedback received from the IIG’s design assurance processes and internal review. The DGN has been developed to support a faster and more consistent approach to the facility design process.