Note: You should not rely solely on the answers provided here. The contracts applicable to each provider and all relevant legislation must be consulted to determine the full rights & liabilities applicable to any service provider or funded.

Variations to the terms and conditions

Variations to the Standard Terms and Conditions of these templates may be captured in the Provider Specific Terms and Conditions section of the agreement. The agreements support the relationship between the funder and the provider.

How a new agreement is created

  1. A funder completes the Agreement Request Form with the requirements listed to enable Sector Operations to generate the agreement. The person with appropriate delegation must sign the form before Sector Operations can action it.
  2. A member of the Agreement Administration team creates an agreement. All information from the Agreement Request Form is entered into the appropriate databases to ensure consistency of information captured and allow payments to be made.
  3. Once the draft agreement is completed and signed off by the funder it is sent to the provider. Both parties (funder and provider) sign the agreement.
  4. Once this has been completed and Sector Operations have been notified via the appropriate process, the agreement is activated.

Understand agreement renewal and variation

Agreements can be established for a fixed term and give the funder the right to renew or extend the end date.

Renewing or extending the end date is classed as variation to the agreement and will require an Agreement Request Form to be completed. This will be followed with appropriate documentation for both parties to sign off as agreement.

A variation may also be used to add or amend services within the current active agreement.

A variation can only be actioned on an active agreement, that is, the original or previous version has been signed by both parties.

Who to contact for more information

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