The purpose of the act is to promote government accountability through reliable recordkeeping, enhance public confidence in the integrity of government records and protect New Zealand’s documentary heritage. It sets a framework for record keeping in public offices and local authorities.

Under the Public Records Act 2005, Archives New Zealand requires all public offices to actively manage their records using retention and disposal schedules and began auditing public offices in 2010. Archives New Zealand also requires all public offices to transfer to them all records aged 25 years or older and these records must be made available to the public (unless otherwise agreed with Archives NZ).

The NSU appraisal report and approved retention schedule (DA539) is available on this page or from the Archive New Zealand archway website.

ANY intent to dispose of records must first be approved by the NSU Senior Management Team and this process is detailed in the implementation guide for providers.

A list of those records that are to be destroyed must be sent electronically using the destruction list template to NSU for approval prior to any records being destroyed. For approval requests please contact your NSU portfolio manager in the first instance.