Forensic mental health services

Tier 2

Document link Status Purchase units Date of publication
Forensic Mental Health Services (docx, 75.96 KB) Mandatory   08 July 2020

Tier 3

Document link Status Purchase units Date of publication
Community Based Intensive Service for Recovery (docx, 72.13 KB) Non-mandatory MHF86, MHF86A, MHF86B, MHF86C, MHF86D, MHF86E, MHF86F, MHF86S 15 January 2018
Community Service (docx, 67.1 KB) Non-mandatory MHF80A, MHF80B, MHF80C, MHF80D, MHF80E, MHF80F, MHF80S 01 April 2017
Court Liaison Service (docx, 61.95 KB) Non-mandatory MHF85A, MHF85B, MHF85C, MHF85D, MHF95E, MHF95S 01 April 2017
Extended Term Secure Service (docx, 66.7 KB) Non-mandatory MHF81 01 April 2017
Medium Secure Service (docx, 67.32 KB) Non-mandatory MHF82 01 April 2017
Minimum Secure Service (docx, 66.92 KB) Non-mandatory MHF83 01 April 2017
Prison Service (docx, 67.28 KB) Non-mandatory MHF84A, MHF84B, MHF84C, MHF84D, MHF84E, MHF84S 01 April 2017