Mental health and addiction services

Tier 1

Document link Status Purchase units Date of publication
Mental Health and Addiction Services (docx, 102.29 KB) Mandatory See service specification for list of purchase units 01 April 2017

The suite of Mental Health & Addiction Services service specifications provides purchasing flexibility for funders.


Districts may amend or combine the non-mandatory tier three service specifications under their tier two specifications to meet their commissioning needs.


Provider reporting to PRIMHD and the use of appropriate MH&A purchase unit (PU) codes is still required at the tier three specification level.


The 'Service’ unit of measure PU codes can be used if the Funder does not wish to use full time equivalent (FTE) PU codes for that service.


The tier one Workforce and Governance reporting tables are now in the Performance Monitoring Reporting Tables for MH&A Services, available at the bottom of this page.

Agreement Documentation

To minimise your agreement documentation, links to the named and dated versions of the MH&A service specifications on the NSFL website can be included in agreements, instead of including the full specifications.


The reporting clusters in the Performance Monitoring Reporting Tables for MH&A Services are not needed as a national minimum for DHBs, but may still be used.


If Funders wish to use the clusters, this will need to be specified in the Provider Specific Terms and Conditions of the Agreement.


A clause requesting this, for insertion into the agreement document, can be requested from the Purchasing Team, Sector Operations.