We work with our regional teams, Māori partnerships, and various health services to enhance the standard of public healthcare and reduce health inequalities across Aotearoa New Zealand. 

This mahi includes:  

  • quality assurance: ensuring public healthcare meets high quality standards. 
  • equity focus: making healthcare accessible and fair for everyone in the community. 
  • local engagement: partnering to fund and deliver services that address specific local health requirements. 

We actively seek input from hauora Māori partners for community-based health initiatives, through: 

  • Proposal submissions: hauora Māori partners are invited to contribute proposals for community-focused health initiatives. 
  • Recent funding: our latest funding allocation has been for critical areas such as elder housing, mobile health units, and dental care for mothers and infants. 
  • Service availability: new services funded through this initiative began operating from 1 July 2023.