Our Kahu Taurima programme for maternity and early years services is crucial for our country’s future. 

More than 60,000 babies are born here each year – and they all deserve the strongest start.  

Evidence shows that investing in whānau, both before a child is born and in their early years, makes the biggest difference to lifelong and intergenerational wellbeing.  

We are putting māmā, pēpi, and whānau at the centre of this critical period. This means ensuring a range of support options are easily accessible for whānau when they are welcoming pēpi and raising young tamariki.  

Health NZ | Te Whatu Ora is working to create a Te Ao Māori Model of Care, Services for all Whānau Model of Care and a Pacific Model of Care for maternity, child growth, and development.  

We are co-designing new ways of working, and delivering a range of initiatives including: 

  • telehealth pathways 
  • a maternal mental health and wellbeing assessment tool  
  • educational programmes, and 
  • strengthening the Māori midwifery and child growth development nursing workforce.  

Funding te ao Māori solutions  

Health | Te Whatu Ora has prioritised funding to support the delivery of te ao Māori solutions for maternity and early years services.  

This is an exciting time to make a real impact for the next generation of New Zealanders. 

In July 2023, $74 million was allocated for Kahu Taurima over the following two years. Contracts have been issued to 40 community-based hauora Māori partners to deliver improved maternity and early years services for māmā, pēpi and whānau.   

He pātai?

Īmēra: teakawhaiora.kahutaurima@health.govt.nz