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New address validation web services, named ‘Health-e-Address’ or eSAM have been developed through the Health Identity Programme. eSAM uses data from NZ Post, Land Information NZ, Statistics NZ, and the Ministry of Health to provide accurate and standardised address and geospatial data.

This service replaces the existing geocoding mechanisms used in the health sector. The eSAM services include type-ahead functionality, search input criteria, and the return of all geospatial data associated with a validated address.

Address validation and geocoding are important for healthcare services to do the following

  • physically locate healthcare recipients to provide care and treatment
  • postal delivery of recipient mail advising of appointments, results, invitation to participate in programmes, follow-up, recall etc
  • postal delivery of provider mail including claims and payments
  • management of population health programmes ie coverage rates etc
  • used as a component of funding formulas, eg, SIA funding within CBF
  • management of distribution of funding between providers for cross-boundary service provision
  • geographical population analysis and research enabling planning and targeting of services
  • mapping of geographic elements of disease incidence and prevalence including trends and patterns
  • mapping of provider and facility locations for public accessibility and analysis of utilisation.