Cyber incident response advice

Cyber security incidents are becoming more frequent in the healthcare sector. These incidents often disrupt critical service delivery and lead to the loss of health information, which healthcare providers have an obligation to protect. All health organisations should be prepared for the possibility of facing a significant cyber incident.

In collaboration with General Practice New Zealand’s Data and Digital rōpū, Te Whatu Ora has prepared cyber security incident advice for the Primary Health sector. We have targeted micro-to-small health organisations, who face unique challenges in their digital environments.

Strengthen your Digital Defence provides guidance on how to prepare and respond to the worst-case incidents. It aims to guide health professionals though important business considerations when preparing for and responding to cyber security incidents.

This booklet forms the beginning an information toolkit under development by Te Whatu Ora along with primary care sector representatives. Over time we’ll continue to publish more cyber security tools and resources to share knowledge with the aim of embedding cyber resilience across the Aotearoa health sector.

If you’re interested in more technical advice, take a look at the HISO 10029:2022 Health Information Security Framework (HISF) for best practice guidelines.

Download: Strengthen your digital defence booklet - PDF, 2.7 MB

A Guide to Cyber Security Incident Response for New Zealand Primary Health Sector.

Download: Primary incident response poster - PDF, 1.2 MB

A step by step guide to respond to a cyber security incident.