What is cyber security?

The prevention of damage to, protection of, and restoration of health data, personal data, information, and communications systems to ensure its confidentiality, availability, integrity, and nonrepudiation.

  • Confidentiality means that only people who have the right to see the information can see it. It protects personal privacy and proprietary information.
  • Integrity means protecting information from being changed or damaged in a way that isn't right. Making sure that information can't be disputed and that it is accurate. Data integrity is making sure that data is safe when it's being stored, processed, and sent.
  • Availability means that the data and systems are available and functioning as they should, when they should and, without any disruption. 
  • Nonrepudiation means that the person who sends information is given proof of delivery and the recipient is given proof of the sender's identity. No one can later say that they didn't process the information under question.

Cyber security includes people, processes, and systems for identifying risk to security of data and systems, putting protective measures and controls in place, ensuring that the ability to detect cyber security breach is in place and to be able to respond to as well as recover from the security incident.

About the Cyber Hub

The Cyber Hub:

  • Provides information and advice to the New Zealand health sector about cyber security.  
  • Shares the information security framework the health sector uses to keep information safe.
  • Introduces the Cyber Academy, which provides paid internships and a pathway to a cybersecurity career within the health sector. 

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, email us at cyber.hub@health.govt.nz.


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