In Aotearoa New Zealand, public funding pays for most of our health and disability services. This means eligible people can get

  • free hospital treatment
  • cheap or free prescriptions
  • community support services for disabled people.

Guide to eligibility

To find out if you can get free health and disability services, read our guide to eligibility.

If you aren't eligible

If you aren’t eligible for publicly funded healthcare, you can still get treatment and support, but you will have to pay for that. This means you should get health insurance.

If you are a visitor from Australia and the United Kingdom, you can get urgent and necessary treatment publicly funded through reciprocal health agreements. You should also get health insurance, because the agreement doesn’t cover GP visits or services which aren’t urgent

High-cost treatment

Some services have special conditions, even if you can get publicly funded healthcare. To find out more about these, see what is covered by the high-cost treatment pool.