Understand 'indications'

'Immunisation indication values' or 'indications' that Sector Operations staff may refer to are the reasons that vaccines are administered. The scheduled reason, for example 6 weeks, is used to report where the vaccination falls on the NZ vaccination schedule.

Refer to the table below for the indication value that Sector Operations staff refer to and the description which is what the provider will most likely see on their screen.

Immunisation indication values

Immunisation indication values
Indication value Description
1 Over 65 years (Influenza)
2 Under 18 years, eligible condition (Influenza)
3 Eligible condition (Influenza)
4 Sexual or household contact
5 Primary course
6 Booster
7 Post partum
8 Low birth weight
9 HepB carrier mother
10 At risk for TB
11 Pre-post splenectomy schedule
12 At risk, no previous history
13 At risk of pneumococcal, previous PCV history
14 At risk, previous 23PPV
15 Pre-emergency
16 Pregnant woman
21 PCV catch up
6W 6 weeks
3M 3 months
5M 5 months
12M 12 months
15M 15 months
4Y 4 years
11Y 11 years
14Y 14 years
45Y 45 years
65Y 65 years
Stn Standard programme
TPW Tetanus-prone wound

How to claim booster doses of the HepB Paed vaccine

If the original Indication is 9 (HepB Carrier Mother), booster doses should be claimed using Indication 6 (Booster).

Reimmunisation indications

The indication value that best meets the definition for re-immunisation is 6 - booster.

Rules for the HPV vaccine

At this stage, there are no age validations for the human papillomavirus vaccine.