If your whole file has been rejected

If your claim is fully rejected and then resubmitted, the payment date will be calculated from the date of receipt of the resubmitted claim.

If Sector Operations receive your claim but the whole file has been rejected there are 2 possible reasons. In both cases, no payment will be made.

  • A header level error means that there is something wrong with the structure of the file.
  • All items in a file may reject for a number of different reasons.

In both cases, you can either:

  • see the ‘Rejected Electronic Claim’ letter and ‘Error Report’ and
  • call the Contact Centre on 0800 855 066 for more information.

If some items within the claim file have rejected with errors

If the Error Report attached to a ‘Rejected Electronic Claim’ letter or ‘Buyer Created Tax Invoice (BCTI) is not sufficient, see our spreadsheet for:

  • a list of possible error messages
  • a full description of what the error means
  • what needs to be done to correct the error.


If you need more information call our contact centre on 0800 855 066.