What to expect

Assessments take place over the phone or face-to-face at your home, or in your aged residential care facility. If your needs change, your assessment moves with you.

The assessment covers areas like your understanding, your physical wellbeing, health conditions, activities, your mood, medications, whether you have set up any directives for the future, and your living circumstances.

A comprehensive clinical assessment

The interRAI assessment focuses on what you can do, your abilities and how you function. It is comprehensive and takes an overall view so that all health professional involved in your care have a picture of your situation. All of this can help clinicians, providers and you and your family make informed decisions about the care you need.

What happens to your information

Each year, over 100,000 interRAI assessments are completed throughout New Zealand. Data from these assessments is anonymised and aggregated, and provides a source of information for health policy makers, health care professionals and researchers. 

Have a look at the interRAI Data Visualisation.

Evidence based and internationally recognised

The interRAI suite of assessments has been developed by interRAI International, a not-for-profit collaborative of researchers from over 30 countries. It is an internationally recognised evidence-based best-practice approach with the goal of improving care.

Read more about interRAI on the interRAI New Zealand website.