This navigation guide has been prepared to help people identify places in Te Pae Tata interim New Zealand Health Plan 2022 likely to be of interest to particular populations and communities in New Zealand. The health and wellbeing needs and expectations of these communities were closely considered in preparing the plan. This guide will lead you to key content in Te Pae Tata that may be specifically relevant to you.

What it is

What it is

  • Strengthening primary and community care
  • Support the health of older people in the community
  • Opportunities through a strengthened and joined-up primary and community sector to support older New Zealanders to live well at home and avoid unnecessary hospital care
  • Improve access to comprehensive primary and community care.

Where it is

Stronger primary and community care: Te Pae Tata Section 3.3, pp 61-64

What it says in Te Pae Tata

  • Working closely with primary and community care providers to grow the breadth and depth of services
  • Pursue alternatives to hospital stays for older people with an urgent health need or serious conditions requiring regular treatment
  • Prototype admission avoidance, early discharge and home-based care, including remote monitoring pilots; and refocus community nursing, allied health and the Needs Assessment and Service Coordination services to be part of comprehensive primary and community care teams
  • Review the aged care, home and community support services funding model to improve the sustainability of services and ensure equity considerations are included
  • Implement the Dementia Mate Wareware Action Plan – Budget 22
  • Develop a nationally consistent model for palliative and end of life care integrated across primary and community health across Aotearoa.