The Health Sector Architects Group (HSAG) is responsible for building the Health Sector Architecture. The Architecture is built to create safe, shared, and moveable electronic patient health records which suit healthcare in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our Health Sector Architecture is based on the Open Group Architecture Framework.

The HSAG organises working groups to focus on specific areas or to bring in a new technology or innovation. These then become part of the Health Sector Architecture.

HSAG membership is open to IT architects and technical people across the public and private sector.

Health Sector Architect Group Executive

The HSAG Executive is the elected subgroup that meets monthly to organise what the group is doing.

  • Martin Frauenstein, Canterbury
  • Peter Marks, Healthshare
  • James Edgar, Auckland
  • Peter Brook, Canterbury
  • Phillip Cutforth, GCIO
  • Andrew Bolam, ACC
  • Alastair Kenworthy, Ministry of Health