In response to the current challenges facing Pathology and Laboratory Services, the Round Table has developed a strategic framework that sets out the strategic direction that will guide the New Zealand’s Pathology and Laboratory Services to appropriately respond to the needs of the New Zealand population and health system.

The framework provides direction and guides meaningful engagement with the wider health service and is a guide for those organisations and stakeholders that have an interest in Pathology and Laboratory Services and the New Zealand health system.

As part of the development of the strategic framework the Round Table prepared the following vision and mission statements for Pathology and Laboratory Services which provide the strategic purpose and clarity on the role it plays in the wider health sector.


‘Clinical practice (in its broadest sense) will be advanced by an integrated and proactive pathology and laboratory service that anticipates the needs of patients and clinicians, and intentionally manages anticipated change.’


‘The business of Pathology and Laboratory Services is putting objective evidence (information and intelligence) into the hands of clinicians and patients, to enable timely decision making and to improve patient outcomes.’