The National Information Clinical Leadership Group is accountable to the  Ministry of Health.


  • Lead, support, identify, and endorse quality clinical processes and content standards for information systems at a national level
  • Provide clinical advice and champion the development and implementation of Digital Health 2020
  • Ensure strong linkages to clinical processes and models of care to support the development of information solutions
  • Identify clinical, behavioural and organisational impediments to the implementation of clinical solutions
  • Agree the measures for success for each programme of work
  • Share knowledge and insights with other members of the group to ensure that the clinical standards proposed reflect current good practice
  • Where known, represent the views of their profession, colleagues, service and region
  • Influence and communicate with other health professionals and stakeholders to help secure broad clinical ownership and support
  • Influence health professionals and other stakeholders in providing and securing clinical ownership for the clinical process and information standards across the health sector.

General principles

Membership will comprise both nominated members and appointed members to ensure that professional disciplines, geographical coverage and the continuum of representatives are included.

The clinical process and information standards are intended for the whole health sector.

Key tasks

  • Identify/endorse standards to improve the quality of clinical processes that are to be supported by IT solutions
  • Monitor and evaluate the piloting of clinical standards and evidence base changes required
  • Provide expert clinical advice in the development of the patient-centred electronic health record
  • Ensure linkages to other clinical activities within the Technology and Digital Services committees
  • Identify high-risk clinical processes and raise these with the appropriate Technology and Digital Services committee
  • Identify the clinical functionality criteria for requests for proposals and for proposals for software.


There are two types of membership which will be multidisciplinary from across the health sector. 

Membership of the work group will be for an initial two years with the option of reappointment for a further period to maintain consistency.

Core membership

  • Representative of an established professional body/group.
  • Representative of a clinical area/specialty field as recommended by the wider group (not included in the above).

Additional membership

  • Expert co-opted at the recommendation of the wider group
  • Interested clinician
  • Invited guest.