About this item

Issue date:
14 April 2023
Corporate Author:
Whanganui Regional Health Network
Document date:
23 November 2022
Commissioned report, Evaluation & review
Diseases & conditions

Final evaluation report of the Whanganui Gout Stop Programme evaluation by Whanganui Regional Health Network, commissioned by the national Long Term Conditions team in Te Whatu Ora.


This evaluation report provides insights and evidence from the collaborative gout care model in Whanganui.

The report includes:

  • detail about the programme aspects of the Whanganui version of the Gout Stop programme
  • the patient journey – including valuable patient insights throughout the report
  • access barriers, attitudes to medication, health literacy
  • ways to keep people engaged
  • ways to sustain changes in good gout management
  • key insights about how this kind of collaborative gout model can be improved
  • outcomes
  • insights on how this type of programme model can be transferred to other areas.