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Issue date:
28 October 2022
Corporate Authors:
Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora, Te Aka Whai Ora - Māori Health Authority
New Zealand Health Plan, Strategies and plans
Health system
978-1-99-117125-2 (print); 978-1-99-117126-9 (online)

Te Pae Tata Interim New Zealand Health Plan 2022 outlines the first steps to becoming a health service delivery system that better serves all New Zealand’s people and communities.


This plan covers a period of reset while the foundations of our health system change. As an initial plan, it outlines what we will do differently to establish the basis of a unified, affordable and sustainable health system.


Te Pae Tata replaces 20 different district annual plans. This interim plan is designed to begin transformation while a full-scale New Zealand Health Plan is being worked on.

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