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Issue date:
7 March 2022
Corporate Author:
Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora
Response to OIA request
Addiction, Children and young people, COVID-19, Hospitals & specialist care, Maternity, Mental health, Organisational information, Rainbow health, Sexual and reproductive health, Workforce

OIA responses included in this document

  • Puberty Blockers (OIA Y21-1517)
  • Contracts over 1 year (OIA Y21-1530)
  • Mental Health statistics (OIA Y21-1531)
  • PET CT referrals (OIA Y21-1535)
  • Births data (OIA Y21-1567)
  • MDHB Committees (OIA Y21-1695)
  • Trans vaginal ultrasounds (OIA Y21-1478)
  • COVID Protocols (OIA Y21-1485)
  • Sentinel events resulting in death of baby (OIA Y21-1597)
  • Health Professional recommendations rejected (OIA Y21-1598)
  • Fully staffed ICU beds (OIA Y21-1603)
  • COVID Vaccinations - Māori (OIA Y21-1605)
  • Pharmacy - Merit applications (OIA Y21-1633)
  • Pharmacy staff - numbers hired (OIA Y21-1635)
  • Pharmacists - numbers (OIA Y21-1635)
  • Live-in treatment services (OIA Y21-1636)
  • COVID and refrigerated containers (OIA Y21-1675)
  • ADHD diagnosis and services (OIA Y21-1676)
  • COVID updates to district representatives (OIA Y21-1677)
  • Gender affirming surgeries (OIA Y21-1679)
  • Staff not received first Vax (OIA Y21-1696)
  • Ernst & Young project costs (OIA Y21-1698)
  • SUDI funding (OIA Y21-1701)
  • Secondary care funding obstetrics scans (OIA Y21-1738)
  • Fire suppression systems (OIA Y21-1744)
  • DHB formal apologies (OIA Y21-1746)
  • CA-125 blood tests (OIA Y21-1905)
  • Opportunistic vaccinations (OIA Y21-1896)
  • COVID costs (OIA Y21-1905)
  • COVID-19 vaccination communications (OIA Y21-1864)
  • COVID setup costs (OIA Y21-1750)
  • Declined referrals internal & external requests for gastro dept (OIA Y21-1760)
  • Incidents re Nurses (OIA Y21-1834)
  • Guidelines or procedures for various treatments (OIA Y21-1869)
  • RMO Locum Costs (OIA Y21-1870)
  • Cancelled surgeries procedures assessments (OIA Y21-1859)
  • Guidelines or procedures for epigastric pain urgent x-rays colon disorders (OIA Y21-1923)
  • Assaults on DHB Staff (OIA Y21-1925)
  • Diabetes research (OIA Y21-1926)