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Issue date:
8 December 2021
Corporate Author:
Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora
Response to OIA request
Children and young people, COVID-19, Emergency management, Health IT, Health system, Hospitals & specialist care, Maternity, Mental health, Rainbow health, Suicide, Workforce

OIA responses included in this document

  • Suicides at PN Hospital April-June 2021 (Y21-988)
  • Ambulance delays (OIA Y21-940)
  • Board reports on abortion (OIA Y21-941)
  • Progressive procurement policy (OIA Y21-942)
  • OPCAT inspections of Secure Aged Care Facilities (OIA Y21-1137)
  • Contraception Funding (OIA Y21-1033)
  • Staff surveys (OIA Y21-1044)
  • Mental Health Service Provision (OIA Y21-1110)
  • Schools & Gardasil vaccination programme (OIA Y21-1114)
  • Children in Care (OIA Y21-1153)
  • Pharmacy Staff Seconded to COVID-19 Vaccination Programme (OIA Y21-1154)
  • All OPCAT correspondence re Aged Care facilities (OIA Y21-1172)
  • IT systems reports & Francis Group (OIA Y21-1059)
  • Enable NZ services and bathroom upgrades (OIA Y21-1066)
  • HIMSS maturity assessments (OIA Y21-1109)
  • ED RMO FTE & ED Presentations (OIA Y21-1139)
  • Psychologists FTE (OIA Y21-1140)
  • Sonography wait times (OIA Y21-1171)
  • Complaints re in-home care providers (OIA Y21-1189)
  • IV chemotherapy (OIA Y21-1183)
  • Fossil fuel usage (OIA Y21-1299)
  • ICU capacity (OIA Y21-1263)
  • Admittance protocol on receipt of COVID-19 patients (OIA Y21-1282)
  • ARC Facilities (OIA Y21-1288)
  • COVID Preparedness documents (OIA Y21-1301)
  • Te Uru Arotau - Business Continuity Plan (attachment OIA Y21-1301)
  • Te Uru Pa Harakeke - Business Continuity Plan (attachment OIA Y21-1301)
  • Pandemic Plan 2019-2022 - Resurgence Plan COVID-19 Resurgence Plan (attachment to OIA Y21-1301)
  • OIA response times (OIA Y21-1380)
  • Mental Health Services waitlists (OIA Y21-1381)
  • Hypospadias repairs etc (OIA Y21-1293)
  • ICU bed occupancy (OIA Y21-1292)
  • Funding acute admissions (OIA Y21-1325)
  • Outpatient radiology procedures (OIA Y21-1326)
  • Handling of COVID close contact (OIA Y21-1337)
  • Rest home nursing shortages (OIA Y21-1340)
  • Appointments delayed during lockdown (OIA Y21-1351)
  • Medical Day-stay infusion capacity (OIA Y21-1379)
  • ICU Beds & CPAC thresholds (OIA Y21-1388)
  • Elective surgery in private sector (OIA Y21-1395)
  • Staff Survey (OIA Y21-1411)
  • Gender-affirming healthcare treatments (OIA Y21-1475)
  • Community-based Isolation and Quarantine Plan (OIA Y21-1521)
  • Radiation Therapist data (OIA Y21-1534)
  • Endometriosis (OIA Y21-1407)
  • Online ICU training (OIA Y21-1412)
  • Prostate ultrasounds (OIA Y21-1414)
  • Immunisation rates for children (OIA Y21-1308)
  • Trans vaginal ultrasounds (OIA Y21-1478)
  • COVID Protocols (OIA Y21-1485)